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Frankie Kepler

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Do you like BIG dentists? Have you had enough of those disappointing and unfulfilling visits to dentists of small-to-average physical dimension? I’m Frankie Kepler, and I feel the selfsame way! Those of us who prefer larger dentists are a small but passionate group whose preferences are generally underserved. That’s why I started this website. But don’t you fear! No matter what your taste in dentists is like, we’ve got you covered with the latest in articles, reviews, videos, frequently asked questions, and more about the great B I G world of dentistry!

I was raised by a family of enormous dentists in 1930’s The Bronx, where I saw firsthand the hardscrabble world of depression-era New York dentistry. Relatives of mine were pulling teeth for the night’s dinner, or for nebulous favors that may or may not someday actually come true. This experience gave me a passion for the world of dentistry which I’d like to share with the Greater Internet. Get ready for BIG coverage about BIG dentists!

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