How Parents Can Find the Best Dentists for Kids in Their Area

Pediatric dentist

Whether your kids have a gummy smile with a few small teeth poking through or have already graduated to a full rows of pearly whites, proper dental health is an extremely important of your child’s overall health, well being, and development. Without proper dental health, your child runs the risk of developing serious complications such as infections that can spread to the rest of the body, as well as pain. And while learning good dental habits begins in the home with parents teaching their children how to brush their teeth, it’s also equally if not more important for parents to find a pediatric dentist in order to help in maintaining their children’s smile and their oral health.

Pediatric dentists, othe Continue reading

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Dental Work and Why You Should Be Smiling


The last place many of us want to be is in the dental chair having serious work done, but if you have to go, wouldn’t you rather be in the chair of someone who is an expert in the procedure you are having done? Modern dentists have so much more technology at their fingertips these days then even expert dentists of 20 years ago. They care for gum disease, cavities, root canals and so much more.

More than 41,000 root canals are performed every day, with over 15 million being performed every year. Millions of cavities are also being filled every year, and teeth that are not able to be saved are pulled. However, all of these procedures are being performed in virtually painless ways. The numbing medication and gasses used to prepare a patient for procedures continue to be improved, making virtually every procedure Continue reading

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Missing a Tooth? Consider a Dental Implant

Family dentist

It is well known around the world that Americans care about how our teeth look. Nearly all (96%) of us feel a nice smile is essential to romantic success. Nearly 75% of feel a good smile is needed for a good career. Yet, many of us are missing at least one tooth. Over the next 15 years, the number of people missing teeth is expected to grow to at least 200 million in the United States. This is one of the reasons that cosmetic dentistry is such a growing field.

When people lose a tooth, they also start to lose bone from their jaw. The more teeth they are missing, the greater the bone loss. Putting something in the place of the missing tooth or teeth is very important to preserving their oral and general health. Cosmetic dentists have several options for tooth restoration such as dentures, bridges and Continue reading

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Stop Hiding Your Smile What an East Lyme Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For Your Smile

Oral surgery

Virtually every adult will tell you a health smile is important, be it for social reasons – – 96% of adults feel having an attractive smile increases your appeal to the opposite sex – – or career reasons – – 74% will tell you an unattractive smile can get in the way of career success. Despite the vast majority placing great importance on healthy, attractive smiles, nearly one third of adults will admit to being “concerned by the look of their teeth.”

If you’re among the 18% who go to lengths to conceal their teeth in photos, we have one question for you: Why? Why continue to suffer when the solution is so easy?

All About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental work used to improve the appearance of your teeth, gums, or bite. Cosmetic dentistry can involve major repairs or be as Continue reading

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