Four Tips for Avoiding the Embarressment of Bad Breath

Dental scaling

We put a a tiny robot Mars, to act as a one-man team of scientists, expanding what we know about our planetary neighbor, separated by 249 million miles, every single day. Our tiny cellphones have greater technological power than the world’s greatest supercomputer of just two decades ago. We have made medical advances to transplant a person’s face onto another person. Yet, we still don’t have the technology to know if we have bad breath without being told.

No matter how attractive or intelligent you are, if you have been touched by the halitosis fairy, that is the only impression you will leave on the people around you. The worst part of bad breath is that often, everyone around you knows it, but you have no idea. The best way to avoid the soul crushing humiliation of bad breath is with great oral hygi Continue reading

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An All-Out Assault on Dental Decay

Kids flossing

Toothbrushes? Check. Mouthwash? Roger that. Dental floss? For days. Think you’ve got all the dental hygiene products you’ll ever need?

Think again!

These tried-and-true basics are a great start, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re stopping there, you’re missing out on an entire dimension of oral care, normally only reserved for people in a dentist’s chair. Here’s just a sampling.

Tongue Cleaning. Ever wonder where the majority of your horrible, dragon-esque morning breath comes from? Look no further than your tongue, my tulip-wilting friend. During the day, talking and chewing keeps your tongue plenty busy, and bacteria don’t have time to accumulate. But at night, it’s a different story. All that dormancy makes for one nasty cocktail of bacterial byproducts when you wake up. But a Continue reading

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