The 19th Century Called They Want Their Irrational Fear of the Dentist Back

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Hey, you. Yes, you, the one who won’t get your teeth fixed because you’re afraid of the dentist.

Listen. It’s the year 2014. We’ve gone to the moon. We’ve cured polio. We each carry around a tiny portal that grants us access to nearly all the information humankind has ever compiled. We made Dippin Dots.

It’s time for you to take a deep breath and go to the dentist.

A century ago just about half of all adults in North America had no teeth. No teeth whatsoever. And back in the heydey of the Mayans or the Ancient Chinese, you might have had a piece of shell or a bit of bamboo stuck into your gum to replace a missing tooth. And now? Just under one in every 10 people over the age of 65 have lost teeth.

Today’s cosmetic dental procedures are fast, effective, high-tech, and a host of other positi Continue reading

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With Teeth Whitening, Malibu Residents Can Have A Brighter Smile

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While you might think that brushing is enough to keep your teeth white and healthy, the bristles can hold bacteria which is why you must wash it after every use in hot water and change it out every three months as well as after getting over a cold. For those who have found that brushing is not enough to produce proper teeth whitening malibu dentists can offer professional methods to get the job done. Unfortunately, near 90 percent of people with bad halitosis that never goes away have some sort of dental condition contributing to the problem, but after that problem is dealt with, through professional teeth whitening Malibu residents can restore their smile back to normal. While the first marketed tooth brush was made of bone and boar bristles and was designed by an English prisoner in 1780, today, with teeth whitening Malibu residents will never have to resort back to such crude methods to keep their teeth sparkling.

At the turn of the twentieth century, one in two adults had no teeth at all and while today, Athletic accidents, fighting, or personal injury attribute to tooth loss in most people under thirty five years of age, less than 10 percent of adults even over the age of sixty five are actually missing teeth. However, if you have to have a new tooth put in; with teeth whitening Malibu dentists can make sure the originals are brought to the same shade of white as the new tooth or teeth. The best procedures in teeth whitening Malibu dentists can perform for you will make your teeth look beautiful and gleaming.

A dentist in Oxnard CA will make sure that they check out the rest of your mouth before performing any teeth whitening. This will help a Camarillo dentist to know what other procedures you need done. Since teeth whitening is purely cosmetic, An Oxnard dentist will want to take care of underlying issues before performing the whitening.

Once a Simi valley dentist gets these procedures out of the way, they can schedule the whitening. Using a peroxide based solution and special light, your teeth will effectively be bleached. Once a Ventura dentist is done with you, your smile will be brighter than ever.

If you notice your teeth are getting dingy again, you can go back for repeat services. This will always keep them as white as can be. You will never have to worry about hiding a toothy grin ever again.

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