Keeping your Smile Healthy and Bright

Teeth whitening cost

The first recorded date of dentures being used was back in 16th Century Japan. That is a long time ago, and most likely they were made out of wood. While it is rumored that George Washington wore wooden dentures, it is not true, they did however, exist. Wooden dentures were probably the first type of cosmetic dental work.While they were the first, it probably was not the best dental implants you could get. Obviously dental care has been around for a long time, the first dental floss was made in 1882 out of silk! How far we have come since then. How about the toothbrush? Well, the first nylon made toothbrush bristles were invented in 1938, that was, oddly, only one year before the first electric toothbrush. Whether you are using an old school toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, dental care is of the utm Continue reading

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