Cosmetic Dentistry Can Provide a More Youthful Appearance

cosmetic dentistHow Dentists can improve the Appearance of a Patient’s Teeth
A cosmetic dentist is the perfect person to see to improve the appearance of your teeth. This form of dentistry is primarily performed on adults but is also useful for teenagers and children with unattractive teeth. Teeth can have an odd appearance due to heredity, injury or disease, but it is possible to make positive changes with the correct dental work. Dentists enjoy helping their patients look their best with a gorgeous smile line but also want to make sure dental bites are strong and healthy. In addition to making repairs or changes to a patient’s teeth, dentists can improve the appearance of gum tissue. In some cases, a total bite reclamation procedure is advised for an older patient with excessive wear on their dental enamel.

How Bonding and Gum Lifts Change a Patient’s Smile
Another procedure that is appropriate for a senior citizen is a gum lift that reshapes bones and tissue in the mouth to provide a youthful look with symmetrical and longer teeth. This technique can also help to improve gingivitis or infection that often affects gum tissue and the roots of teeth. While this procedure may seem drastic, removing only a small amount of gum tissue can lead to major improvements in a patient’s appearance and health. Dental bonding is another procedure that is provided to patients with mild chips or scratches on the edges or surfaces of teeth. A dentist can apply a color matching composite material to hide damage on teeth and protect interior structures.

Have Discolorations Removed from Teeth and Gum Tissue
Improving the color of dental enamel or gum tissue can lead to higher self-esteem for patients who feel embarrassed by the way their teeth look. Gum bleaching or depigmentation is designed to remove dark spots on gum tissue. These spots resemble freckles but often look like food or beverage particles on the gums, leading to embarrassment for patients. Dentists can use laser light, chemicals or surgery to remove discolorations from a patient’s gum tissue. While undergoing gum depigmentation, a patient can also have their teeth bleached or whitened to remove stains from tobacco, medications or food. The application of hydrogen peroxide and water creates a bubbling reaction that lifts debris from tooth enamel, leading to whiter teeth in only a few hours.

Receive Dental Bridges or Implants to Look Better
At Really Smile Dental in Carmel, Ind., patients can also have dental bridges made to replace one or more missing teeth. Dr. David A. Smith uses state-of-the-art computer technology to make beautiful artificial crowns designed for removable or fixed dental bridges. These devices are attached to nearby natural teeth or dental implants. Dental implants to replace teeth are also available in same day or multiple surgical sessions. To have an implantation procedure, a patient needs to have strong bone, but it is possible to combine dental bridges with implants for patients needing to replace numerous teeth.

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Update Your Style With A New Smile

Cosmetic dentistry fairfield oh

Your smile is one of the first parts of your appearance that can leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Your personal style includes your unique clothing, shoes, and hair choices, but the best accessory that transitions from day to night with no effort is a gleaming white smile.

Instead of using messy home whitening trays, uncomfortable whitening strips, or seeing a professional teeth whitening dentist, consider a more lasting solution to your smile with veneers. The cost of cosmetic dentistry may be a concern, but when considering the alternative methods of whitening your teeth, the results from getting veneers at your local dentist are well worth it. Ve Continue reading

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How You Can Prepare for Your All On Four Dental Implant Evaluation

Bayside cosmetic dental surgery

All on four dental implants is a surgical and prosthetic dental procedure that can give you a completely new set of teeth in only a few hours. Four implants are placed strategically in the jaw, and a prosthesis with 12 to 14 teeth is set on the same day.

It’s hard to compete with the convenience and ease of all on four dental implants, especially for denture wearers who are tired of adhering and cleaning loose dentures. All on four gives you a permanent set of teeth that doesn’t slip or slide and is easy to clean and maintain just like you would regular teeth.

If you’re planning to ask a dentist about getting the procedure for yourself, it’s easy. All you have to really do is arrive for your Continue reading

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Go All In With All On Four

La mesa all on four dental implants

Most of us treat our teeth with the utmost care. We practice good oral hygiene in our own home starting as children. Brushing twice a day and flossing are standard practice in most homes. Despite our best efforts to maintain health however, sometimes it is necessary to find a cosmetic dentist to treat and repair damaged teeth. One popular cosmetic dental procedure is the all on four implants.

Although the all on four implants cost may make some hesitant, it is important to consider all aspects of the procedure. First of all, this procedure is widely considered to have the greatest success rate among all dental implant procedures. All on four dental implants provide a p Continue reading

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