I Have Really Bad Tooth Pain Should I See An Emergency Dentist?

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What do you do when you’re struck with sudden tooth pain?

It’s nervewracking to be going about your business only to feel a sharp, stabbing pain in your upper or lower jaw. If you’re not stressing over your health insurance you’re worried about whether or not your gums are in good health or if you’re sustaining a root canal when you least expect it. Just like cosmetic dentistry improves your visual appearance and digital x-rays provide preventative care, emergency dental services can help you out when life takes an unexpected turn. Dental implants, crowns and dentures are but a few options you can choose to ensure your teeth can bounce back before you know it.

Mouth health is important to us. Not just so we feel great, but so we look great. A dental survey found 30% of respondents admitting they’re ‘concerned by the look of their teeth’. A beautiful smile is closely linked with high self-esteem and self-worth. Likewise, a crooked or stained smile can cause many to feel less-than-stellar about themselves. This dreary outlook can have a major impact on your work and social life.

A set of pearly whites can get you far in life. Look no further than a recent survey asking various American adults of different backgrounds and budgets their thoughts on the matter. Over 70% of adults believe an unattractive smile can actively hurt them professionally, according to the American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry, and this extends as well to their dating life. Cosmetic dentistry has been on the rise as a result, providing people the means they need to bring out their very best in every situation they come across.

Discoloration is an issue that can be easily buffed out through a trip to a cosmetic dentist. Yellowing is frequently exacerbated by poor brushing habits and regular caffeine consumption. Brown spots, similarly, are rather stubborn and are caused by heavy smoking. Over-the-counter treatments can provide mild results, but anything more intensive should be looked over by a professional. Over 80% of adults said they saw a noticeable difference from an in-office teeth whitening procedure.

What about missing teeth? Whether from a sports accident or age, a missing tooth or two can have just as profound of an effect as yellowing. Dental implants are better than they’ve ever been and mimic the appearance of real teeth flawlessly. Over 15% of the edentulous population will have custom dentures made for them each year. Another 15% of people in the United States will apply for crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth. Dental veneers are unique in that they can prevent future damage and last for years.

Emergency dentistry is often used for accidents, sudden pain and debilitating issues. Preventing future occurrences is possible with a little foresight. If you regularly play contact sports it’s imperative you wear mouth guards. This will drastically reduce your chances of losing a few teeth unexpectedly. Regular brushing and flossing is a must to reduce plaque build-up and keep bacteria from creating painful problems in-between your teeth. Most dentists recommend you brush and floss after each meal, though once per day is a good minimum to start out with.

When you’re suddenly faced with missing teeth or profound jaw pain, an emergency local dentist can sort you out with no trouble at all. What can dental implants do for your self-esteem?
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