Same Day Dental Implants

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If you are concerned about the state of your smile, there are many different cosmetic dental procedures available to help you to improve it or to restore its former appearance. Dental restoration covers both the function and appearance of teeth. Accidents happen, so if you have lost or damaged a tooth, there are several different things that cosmetic dentistry can offer you to help you to restore your smile. If you are just concerned about discoloration, you will also have a few different options to choose from.

Cosmetic dentistry costs will vary by procedure. The concept of dental implants has been around for more than 1,000 years, since Mayans hammered pieces of shell into mouths to replace teeth. Technology h Continue reading

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Reasons to Visit a Cosmetic Dentist

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About 100 years ago, when people had dental problems, they simply had to either deal with it or trust primitive dental solutions. Today, there are a bevy of dental options, including cosmetic dental treatments, that can help people have teeth that both look better and function better. Importantly, you don’t have to visit the best cosmetic dentist in the world to have cosmetic dental work done.

One of the best cosmetic dental solutions is dental implants. They are titanium-based replacements for real teeth, and generally last a lifetime with proper care. Interestingly, about half Continue reading

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With Age, Our Smiles Can Diminish Cosmetic Procedures to Keep You Smiling

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Everyone loves a great smile – and the best dentist will say that your smile is only as good as your teeth. Tooth enamel is surprisingly the hardest surface in the human body, allowing peroxide-based chemicals in toothpastes and other teeth whitening agents to create a brighter and whiter smile. However, 100 years ago, about half of all the adults in North America were toothless, but improvements in general and cosmetic dentistry have resulted in less than 10% of people over the age of 65 with missing teeth.

People become edentulous (without teeth) for many reasons such as injury, severe malnutrition, genetic defects, and chronic drug use, but the most common reason for lost teeth is due to dental and gum disease or decay. These oral complications stem from improper dental hygiene, and those who refuse Continue reading

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Four Hidden Dangers That Can Harm Your Teeth

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Everyone knows that eating too much sugar, and consuming too many acidic foods, can take a toll on your teeth. However, there are things that affect your dental health and oral health that you might not realize. Some animals have the benefit of constantly growing new teeth, or regenerating their existing teeth, but we humans are stuck with the teeth we have once the baby teeth are lost, and the adult teeth come in. In order to protect and maintain healthy teeth for as long as possible, you will want to be aware of some hidden dangers.


While it’s commonly known that cigarettes can cause teeth to become stained, tobacco use in any form can have a negative effect on oral and dental health. Problems range from being simply annoying, to being severe health concerns. Tobacc Continue reading

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

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Any good dentist can take care of your general cleanings, exams, and routine checkups. But many people still wonder, what is a cosmetic dentist? What is a veneer? What is an implant? Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about cosmetic dentistry that may help steer you in the right direction.

  • “What is a cosmetic dentist?”
    Simply put, a cosmetic dentist is a dental professional whose primary concern is the appearance of your teeth. They specialize in whitening procedures (chemical and laser-assisted), crowns, veneers, and occasionally more advanced prosthodontic procedures such as dental implants.
  • “How is laser teeth whiteni Continue reading
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