Easy Ways To Treat Your Bruxism

Night mouth guards

Bruxism — also known as teeth grinding — is one of the most common problems that people face today when it comes to dental health and sleep quality. If you suffer from teeth grinding at night, you probably already know that it can cause a lot of pain; not only will it harm the strength of your teeth, but it can also lead to migraines, muscle tension, and overall poor sleep quality.

Here are just a few ways that you can reduce your teeth grinding at night:

  • Limiting the caffeine you consume during the day (and especially at night) is one way to treat bruxism. Stimulants like caffeine cause tension in your muscles and even if you fall asleep, this tension can still be present.
  • Finding other ways to relieve your st Continue reading
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Do You Have Sleep Apnea Disorder?


The problem did not seem so bad when you were at home. When your husband’s snoring woke you up at home, you were able to simply move into another room so that you could both get some rest. The biggest problems were when you travelled and stayed at a hotel or were a guest in another family’s home. On those nights you had two choices. Continually wake your husband up to keep him from snoring or get absolutely no sleep yourself. The one good thing about the problem is that your husband’s constant snoring alerted you to another, much more serious condition. He was recently diagnosed with one of the more common sleep apnea disorders.
More than 18 million Am Continue reading

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