5 Reasons Your Child Requires Early Pediatric Denistry

Dental health

While parents are constantly ensuring the health and safety of their children, the dentist is often overlooked. Parents either misunderstand the importance of early dental care or they, themselves, were raised without attention to early pediatric dentistry. In fact, one out of every four kids has never been to the dentist before they set foot in a kindergarten classroom. More than a third of U.S. schools find it necessary to refer kids for treatment of dental problems. Pediatric dentistry is important for the following reasons.

Provides your child with a proper dental care routine
Children first learn about the important or lack of dental care from their parents. If they are not provided with good dental instruction early in life, it can be difficult to introduce these changes Continue reading

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How to Have a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Comprehensive dental exams

If there’s anything you should know about Western aesthetic values, it’s that we absolutely love our teeth. In a recent AACD survey, an overhwelming 99.7% of adults reported that having a healthy smile was socially important. Additionally, almost three-quarters of adults feel that having an unattractive smile can hurt their career success, while 32% of people report that they are “concerned by the look of their teeth.”
Given this clear obsession with having the pearly whites out there, it may strike you as odd when you find out that the state of oral hygiene in the United States isn’t exactly bright and sparkling at the moment. Statistically speaking, 78% of people have Continue reading

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