Four of the Most Common Kinds of Cosmetic Dental Work

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Dental cosmetics improve more than your smile–they boost your self-esteem and your self-confidence. With a white, healthy smile, you can make a better impression upon first meeting people, find more success in your career, and simply feel more confident.

There’s a multitude of different cosmetic dental work that family dentists can do to improve a person’s smile. Each procedure is meant to rectify a certain problem, which means that the way one person improves their smile might not necessarily improve another’s as effectively. Here are a few of the most common kinds of cosmetic dental work so that you can see which type might work for you.

Tooth Contouring.

This kind of cosmetic dental work is relatively simple and straightforward. A dentist alters the position, shape, and length of your teeth to balance the look of your smile. It can be done to adjust your canines’ length, even out your front teeth, smooth bulges or pits in enamel, and fix small chips.


Dental implants are one of the best, restorative treatments for missing teeth. The procedure requires extensive planning, but patients need only one session of treatment to have a permanent, natural looking replacement implanted in their jaw. Dental implants can improve a person’s speech, eating ability, and comfort in addition to improving the appearance of their smile.


Veneers are thin, custom shells that dentists fit over the fronts of teeth. This cosmetic dental work fixes teeth that have become worn down, chipped, broken, misaligned, uneven, irregularly shaped, or even just discolored. Lasting up to 15 years, veneers are a very popular way to improve a person’s smile.


The most common kind of cosmetic dental work, whitening is a non-invasive way to quickly and effectively improve a person’s smile. While it’s possible to use at-home treatments, most prefer to have a professional whiten their teeth, as one 45 minute in-office treatment can brighten a smile by as much as eight shades.

These are just some of the most popular kinds of cosmetic dental work that people have done every day. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. More on this topic.

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