How a Columbus Family Dental Practice Can Help Repair Your Tooth Damage

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According to one estimate, approximately 65% of people grind their teeth in the middle of the night while sleeping. This can lead to breakage and other tooth problems, and that amount of stress doesn’t even account for what we put our teeth through while we’re awake. If you have experienced tooth damage or tooth loss from stress or accidents, or if you have suffered complete tooth loss, visit a cosmetic dental practice in Ohio, such as a Columbus family dental office, to see how you can restore your smile today.

What is a cosmetic dentist
? A cosmetic dentist provides services for improving not only the look of teeth but also helps restore functionality in patients’ teeth as well. These services can include anything from whitening teeth in-office to providing repairs and replacements for broken or missing teeth. In adults between the ages of 35 and 44, 59% of people in this group are missing at least one natural tooth. With two-thirds of Americans holding the opinion that missing teeth are both a cosmetic and medical concern, the need for cosmetic dentistry in the United States is clear.

For those who have damage to their teeth, including yellowing, breaks, or other problems where part of the tooth is intact, porcelain dental veneers might be a solution. As of 2006, the number of people in the United States who had dental veneers was about 600,000, and that number has continued to climb throughout the years. Some dental crowns and veneers can be purely cosmetic, such as to get a whiter smile after years of staining and discoloring teeth. Other times, veneers can restore functionality in teeth. Visiting the cosmetic dentist office of a Columbus family dental clinic an give you a good idea of how your teeth can be improved with this treatment.

Veneers are made with dental porcelain, the most tooth-like material on the market. Dental implant crowns are also made from this substance. Dental implants can replace individual teeth that might be missing, or a patient can receive full dental implants to replace all of his or her teeth. Dental implants are inserted directly into the jawbone with a metal post made of titanium alloys, and this post is covered by a tooth-like porcelain crown. These implants have all the look and feel of natural teeth and can be a more comfortable solution for some patients than treatments such as removable dentures.

If you know that you have lost functionality with your teeth, or if some or all of your teeth are missing, visit a cosmetic dentist today. If you are nervous about getting one of these procedures done, a cosmetic dental expert can ease your mind and offer sedation dentistry so you won’t be stressed during these treatments. Don’t let your tooth loss or damage hold you back. A Columbus family dental practice can help you renew and restore your smile and give you peace of mind. Continue.

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