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Finding a great family dentist is the key to protecting your beautiful, vibrant smile. As a recent study from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found, maintaining our pearly whites is crucial to finding professional success, but a wonderful smile is even more important when it comes time to find love.

Whether you’re looking for someone to perform the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures to bring the luster back to your teeth or you simply want a family dentist who can teach you the right ways to take better care of yourself, choosing a new dentist can be hard. After all, as IBIS World shows, there are 168,000 different dental businesses in the United States. How can you possibly choose between them?

Five Tips for Choosing a Family Dentist

  1. They Won’t Make You Wait Long
  2. As Yahoo! News writes, there is a common misconception that having to wait over a month to see a dentist is just the way it is. However, the best cosmetic and family dentists will find a way to fit you in within a couple of weeks. A dentist that knows how to manage their time so that there patients don’t have long to wait is rare, but you shouldn’t settle for less.

  3. Check Their Credentials
  4. You wouldn’t go to an unlicensed doctor or lawyer, so why would you go to a family dentist before you know their credentials? As writes, you’ll want to make sure your dentist is part of the American Dental Association, but you should also check with your state’s dental board to ensure any cosmetic and general dentists you’re considering have the educational background and up-to-date licensing they need to legally operate in the States.

  5. Ask a Friend
  6. Even as the internet gives us more ways to research and find dental professionals nearby, one of the best ways to find a great family dentist, as WebMD points out, is to simply ask for a recommendation from your friends and family. They can tell you what they liked about a dentist, what they didn’t like, and they can tell you if the price is right. In other words, you can learn everything you need to know to make a smart choice.

  7. You’re Not Stuck with Your Dentist for Life
  8. As Delta Dental suggests, there is no reason why you can’t try out a dentist before deciding to stick with them. Go in for the initial appointment, making sure to keep an eye on cleanliness, services offered, and other important parts of choosing a dentist. If you like what you see, you’re golden. Otherwise, you can simply decline scheduling another appointment, opting instead to restart your search for someone you can trust.

  9. Do They Accept Your Insurance?
  10. As the ADA sagely recommends, you need to be sure that any dentist you’re considering is covered by your insurance company — unless, of course, you like the idea of paying high dental costs out of pocket. A simple call to your insurance agency will tell you whether or not you’re in the clear.

Follow these tips to find the best cosmetic and family dentistry professionals for your family. Not only can they keep your teeth looking great, they can restore what age has taken away. Read this website for more information:

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