Four Dental School Tips for the Aspiring Family Dentist

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Whether you have always wanted to join the ranks of family dentists or you want to specialize in cosmetic teeth surgery, getting through dental school can be extremely difficult. As points out, deciding to study cosmetic and family dentistry will lead you through one of the most harrowing journeys of your life. With a workload that is estimated to be around three to four times that of an undergraduate program and an average price tag of $42,000 a year, according to the American Dental Education Association, it’s no wonder that dental school has the reputation it does.

None of this should be read to mean that you can’t successfully fulfill your dream of becoming one of the best family dentists out there — you can. With this brief guide to surviving dental school for aspiring family dentists, cosmetic surgeons, and others, you can avoid becoming a statistic and have a successful future in dental medicine.

Four Tips to Help You Get Through Dental School

  1. Make Time to Review
  2. As the American Student Dental Association writes, a big part of surviving dental school is learning to budget your time so that you don’t fall behind. There is a lot of content to cover and memorize. Unless you’re willing to spend a few hours outside of class each day reviewing the material, chances are good that you aren’t going to make it through the first semester.

  3. Learn to Take and Accept Criticism
  4. Michelle Zin, a third-year dental student at the University of Southern California, recently took to the ADEA’s blog to share her tips on surviving dental school. One of the most important things, she said, was to learn to take criticism. The fact is that upperclassmen and professors are going to call you out on your mistakes. They only want to help you become a stronger dentist. Take criticism in stride and learn from it.

  5. Be More Than a Student
  6. As points out, the key to not only getting through dental school successfully but to becoming a respected dentist is to be more than a student during your time in college. Why? Quite simply, it’s all about building a professional reputation. Professors like taking students under their wing who show initiative. After you get out of college, volunteering and internships with respected practices will go along way in helping you find a job.

  7. Know When to Ask for Help
  8. Even if you stick closely to these tips, the fact is that there are going to be times when you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help. In those situations, it’s important that you take the initiative to ask for help, whether from upperclassmen or your professors. You should realize that everyone wants you to succeed, but they can’t help you unless they know there is an issue.

Without a doubt, getting through dental school is going to be one of the toughest things you’ve ever done. However, by following these tips and realizing that you can succeed, your chances of success and becoming a respected professional in the world of family dental care skyrocket. Good luck! Helpful info also found here.

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