For Dark Gums, Seek Treatment

Cosmetic dental treatment

For dark gums, treatment can be simple and mainly pain free. It involves removing extra melanin from the gums. Many dentists has addressed the issue through gum tissue grafting procedures. The procedure usually involves treating the roof of the mouth and the affected tissue that surrounds the teeth to achieve positive results. The dark discoloration, or hyperpigmentation, of the gums is most commonly caused by genetics.

Any discoloration of the gums should be seen by a dentist. No one should let something like that go unseen because it could lead to serious gum disease. Gum bleaching is a cosmetic dental procedure that uses a laser to remove the dark pigmentation. It is the easiest and simplest solution for anyone suffering from hyperpigmentation. Dark gums treatment involves just a topical anesthetic so the patient is not drugged or feel drowsy. Cosmetic dental treatments of laser gum treatment is a good alternative to periodontic tissues grafting.

Laser gum surgery might bring about faster and longer lasting results when compared to standard gum treatments and just one dark gums treatment can last up to 20 years. The healing process for dark gums treatment is quick and mostly painless. People who have gum disease, a disease that affects up to 50% of American adults, are twice as likely to suffer from heart problems.

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