The Rise of Cosmetic Dentistry in America

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If you live in Boston, it’s hard to walk by more than a few people without noticing someone’s fantastic, well-cared for smile. It’s something to be admired, having a full, white, sparkly smile, and it’s hard to not want that for yourself. Fortunately, there are modern dentistry procedures that allow you to get a great smile in a short amount of time, and with much less pain and risk than you would have faced many years ago. What is this new technology? It’s something that’s all over the country, even in Boston dental implants are accessible and affordable to the average person. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading to find out some facts about cosmetic teeth surgery.

  • Dental implants are used as replacements for missing roots of your teeth.
    Usually, they are made from titanium — an extremely strong metal that will stand the test of time. Titanium is the go-to choice for many medical procedures because it rarely causes allergic reactions and won’t react with other substances in the body. This is important, because dental implants can sometimes come in contact with food. Additionally, titanium is extremely hard and durable. This is important because dental implants serve to replace tooth enamel, which is the hardest surface in the human body.
  • Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath, is often caused by dental conditions.
    How is this relevant? Many dental conditions are so serious that they actually are best fixed by getting dental implants. Depending on how far a specific dental problem has progressed, the natural teeth can’t always be saved. Although this is the best option, when the original teeth are no longer good, a cosmetic dental procedure can be performed. Cosmetic dental work is becoming increasingly popular, so if you want or need to have a procedure done, you will be like million of other Americans.
  • Americans spend a lot of money each year on cosmetic dentistry.
    One figure estimates the amount to be $1.4 billion each year, which means Americans value great smiles and are willing to pay a lot for them. There are a few ways to soften the blow of this cost if you are considering cosmetic dentistry, but overall you should be prepared to make a significant investment. Cosmetic dental insurance can help pay for some of the costs of dental implants, but not everyone is eligible and the insurance itself can sometimes be expensive. You can also try to set up a payment plan with your dentist. Talk to the office before you commit, because you don’t want to get a procedure you can’t afford.

If you live in Boston dental implants are all around, and you should look into them by visiting a dental implant clinic. Have you had an experience with Boston dental implants? Are you currently trying to find a cosmetic dentist but don’t know where to begin? Whatever your story is, please share it in the comments below and give us some feedback. More on this.

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