4 Reasons Brushing Your Teeth is Important

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There are many reasons that you should maintain good oral health. It’s not a difficult thing to do but just brushing and flossing every day could make a huge difference in your life; not to mention visiting your dentist twice a year for excellent dental treatment. Your at home dental care makes a big difference when it comes to your overall general health. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to have good oral health and make sure you are maintaining good habits even at home.

It makes you more presentable at job interviews.
If you are having a phone interview, then brushing and flossing may not make that much of a difference but an in person interview or even a video interview does. You may be more than qualified for a position but if you’ve got something stuck in your teeth, that’s the only thing that the interviewer is going to be able to focus on. You really want them to be looking at your credentials and listening to how well spoken you are, not holding their breath because yours smells so awful or starting at your mouth wondering if they should tell you about the broccoli that is stuck between your two front teeth. A dazzling smile is a great thing to have for an interview but if you haven’t brushed, you might want to keep your mouth clamped shut.

You’d be more pleasant on a date.
The first impression says everything. You could have the most beautiful smile but if there is plaque build up between your teeth and a film over them, your date isn’t going to notice how great your smile is. They are only going to think about how gross it is that you don’t brush your teeth. And you can definitely forget about a kiss at the end of the date. Even if they have a great time, you’ll likely never be sure because of how fast they rushed to get away when you were saying goodbye. They didn’t want to be in the awkward position of ducking out of a kiss so it’s easier to leave quickly. Even if you are leaning in close like at a movie or something, your date will be able to smell your breath as you breathe and if you talk to him or her, it’ll only be that much worse. Don’t ruin a great date by blowing them away with your awful breath or embarrassing them by having something in your teeth.

You might be a bit more productive.
They say that when you get up and get dressed even when you aren’t working that you are more productive during the same. This is the same thing for brushing and flossing your teeth. Something about good oral health makes you ready to face anything. You could be fully dressed and seemingly ready to go, but if you can still taste last night’s dinner, you probably won’t feel like doing much. It’s psychological but it’s true. It’s the same as not doing your hair or staying in sweatpants all day, it gives you a sense of “stay home and veg out” instead of “get out and get ‘er done” which is a much better attitude to have towards life. Sure, there are some days where staying home and vegging out is completely acceptable but not everything needs to be like that. Most of your days should be productive and successful when you look back on them that evening.

It could turn someone’s day around.
It’s amazing how much a smile can really change things for someone. They could be having the worst day but when you, as the stranger, with no idea what they are going through, smile happily at them, it will do something to their mood. But if you don’t have good oral health, that smile will just gross them out. If you are close enough to talk to them or breathe on them and they smell that knock out breath, things will just get even worse. Just do everyone a favor and brush your teeth and floss them and see your dentist regularly so that when you do smile at people, it can have a positive influence on them.

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