Make Oral Hygiene Your Resolution This Year

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Many new year’s resolutions revolve around a healthier you. Some people resolve to lose weight. Others resolve to exercise more. Others simply resolve to be healthier. A healthier you is always beneficial and can include many aspects of your life, including dental. Too many Americans put off dentistry and good dental hygiene. Correcting your dental hygiene may be easier, more cost affordable, and less painful than you ever imagined. There are more options than ever to correct your teeth’s condition.

Braces Braces are probably the most timeless and commonly known way to correct the condition and shape of your teeth. Braces are used to correct teeth that have grown in improperly. It is also often used to close spaces between teeth. Most dental practices are able to consult on and install braces. However, many adults tend to stray away from braces because they are commonly used in teenagers and adolescents. Fortunately, there are invisible and shorter term braces today, for a more discrete look.

Teeth cleaning Sometimes all that is needed to improve the look of the teeth is regular teeth cleanings. Regular teeth cleanings remove plaque and other debris that stains the teeth. Teeth are commonly stained by everyday products, such as coffees and sodas. Your dental practice and dentist usually recommends teeth cleaning at least twice a year, maybe more if your teeth are in worse shape.

Teeth bleaching Even with the best of dental care and regular teeth cleanings, your teeth can appear to be faded and yellow. Cleanings do not remove the staining. However, your teeth can be bleached back to their clean, white look. Teeth bleaching also leaves you with brighter teeth and a brighter smile. Considering that 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex, teeth bleaching is common among cosmetic dentist offices.

Veneers Veneers are a great option for adults who have minor tooth imperfections they want to correct. They are ideal over braces because it is much quicker procedure. You can have your veneers fitted and put on in just a couple of dental practice visits, usually over just a couple of months. Veneers can be costly, but some insurance providers will cover parts of it. Veneers are also generally only completed on a couple of teeth, rather than the entire mouth.

More than half of the adult U.S. population surveyed over age 50 agree that a smile is the one physical feature that stays the most attractive as we age, according to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Veneers are common among adults and seniors who are older and do not want to go with other timely cosmetic dentistry procedures. Your dental practice may offer veneers or they may refer you out to a cosmetic dentist specialist.

Dental implants Dental implants are used either for cosmetic reasons or to correct damaged or broken teeth. They are a great option for a tooth that is so damaged it either falls out or needs to be pulled out. Dental implants involve the replacement of one single tooth. The success rate of dental implants has been reported in scientific literature as 98%. They are commonly used to correct missing or badly damaged teeth.

Good hygiene Even if you are unable to have any of the mentioned procedures done this year, you can still keep up with good dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth should always be a priority after eating or drinking anything. Regular flossings can also protect your teeth. Remember to brush your tongue and use antibacterial mouth wash often. Visit your dentist regularly for check ups.

One of the best ways to improve yourself and your confidence is with good dental care and hygiene. The industry of dental care has many smile correcting procedures available now, in addition to the commonly known braces. Many of these procedures are low pain and require little time. This year, make it a resolution to improve the overall look of your smile with regular visits to your dentist’s office.

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