What’s Causing My Crooked Teeth?

If you’ve got crooked teeth, you’re not alone: over 65% of adults have crooked or misaligned teeth. But what causes our teeth to become crooked?


This is the leading — and most frustrating — cause of crooked teeth among adults. Crooked teeth is often an inherited trait that’s been passed down through generations. Additionally, the size of your mouth may be another cause for your crooked teeth: if your mouth is overcrowded, this can cause your teeth to shift and even misalign your jaw.

Harmful Habits

There are a number of bad habits we develop throughout the course of our lives that can damage the way our teeth form and move. Many children that suck their thumbs can damage their palate resulting in misalignment and more frequent bacterial infections. In adulthood, sleeping without a retainer after braces often causes your teeth to shift back to their original positions. Even something as simple as resting your head in your hand too frequently can push your teeth inward or cause jaw misalignment.


If you suffer blunt-force trauma, this can result in your teeth shifting out of place or misalignment of the jaw. In fact, this is the most common cause of severe crooked teeth in children and adults. Certain illnesses and injuries can also cause your teeth to loosen or fall out, thusly shifting your other teeth to compensate for the new gap.

If you already have crooked teeth, braces are the most common way to fix the issue in young adults. Regular use of retainers is a necessity following treatment, but if you find your teeth becoming crooked, there are other options to discuss. Discuss cosmetic contouring with your primary dentist or cosmetic dentist.

While we didn’t choose to have crooked teeth, there is a way to fix it without getting braces as an adult: cosmetic dentistry. This is an alternative solution to adult braces, including teeth reshaping and contouring.

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