It’s Time to go to the Dentist

We do our best to take care of ourselves no matter the trouble. When you have heart trouble, you go to the heart doctor. When you have skin trouble, you go to the dermatologist. We try to make sure we do this as often as possible but it’s never truly that easy. There are always things that get in the way. Maybe it’s our own pride at thinking that no one else needs to take care of us except us. It could be the price scares you or that you just think there is nothing that a medical profession can do for you. You might think that general dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, eye care, foot care, bone care or whatever else doesn’t apply to you and you specifically but health applies to us all. We all have to try our best to take care of ourselves and the ones we love, both physically and mentally. To take a closer look at this idea, let’s zoom in a bit on a fictional family, the Wyatts somewhere out in Montana. Now, the Wyatts live in one of the largest cities in Montana which is fairly big but, still, it’s Montana. So it’s not as big as New York or Los Angeles, comparatively speaking. The Wyatts live in a small house outside the city and often love to go hiking in the woods and fields around their suburb. It’s only the mother and the two children, two girls, living in their townhouse. Their father passed away when they were very young so they don’t really remember it. It’s a peaceful sort of life and the girls themselves are very active, being involved in sports and academics in their middle school. They do a lot and they have a lot of friends but, while the activity is always good for them, it doesn’t always lead to the absolute best things. For example, because of their sports teams, the Wyatt girls end up going to a lot of soccer parties and baseball parties, which, seeing as how they are very young and growing, often involve a lot of junk food. Now, the girls are healthy so they don’t need to worry too much about an unhealthy lifestyle. They are active and they are healthy for girls their age so there is no worry there. But they don’t always eat right at these parties, especially with all of the soda and candy. It’s nothing serious in general but also, in general, their mother has noticed that they’ve been getting a few more cavities than they used to. She is not super happy with this, as any mother might be, so she decides that she is going to do what, in general, any other good mother would do. The Wyatt girls are going to the dentist.
Going to the Dentist
At first, as you might expect, the Wyatt girls complain. They are young, after all, and they don’t fully understand why proper oral hygiene is so important. They think it’s no big deal, that they are going to be alright no matter they eat but their mother knows better. She knows they need help and so, amidst several protests, she makes dentist appointments with the local dentist down the street. The girls ask what it means to go to the dentist as semi adults and their mother smiles when they ask because she knows they are growing up. They are only used to the dentist as a place for occasional check ups and a lollipop. So she tells them what they’ll need to expect. The dentist is just going to check their mouths and see what’s going on inside and then make her decision from them. They may or may not need to get fillings as it stands and that’s just going to be how it is. Even it’s just general oral health, it’s important to her that they both go. So, on the upcoming day, they go and sit in the waiting room then head in where the dentist checks their mouths. They get off lucky but the dentist warns them they’d better start cutting out the candy. So they do.

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