Why Emergency Dentist Offices Are So Important

Pediatric dentistry, dental implants, dental emergencies, and emergency dentist offices are all big aspects of American life. While some people hate going to the dentist, it is important for them to have consistent visits. After all, without a dentist, the mouths of Americans are in trouble. So make sure you find a local dentist so that you do not have to find an emergency dentist.

In the year 2015, just about 30% of all adults across the country said their mouth and teeth are fair or poor in terms of quality. Therefore, there are plenty of Americans that need the help of teeth whitening from an emergency dentist or a regular dentist. Luckily, in the following year of 2016, over 80% of all adults between the ages of 18 and 64 visited a dentist. Here are more facts on the importance of local dentists!

People Really Care About How Their Teeth Look

In the year of 2015, a study was conducted amongst Americans in regards to how they feel about their mouth and teeth. Nearly 20% of all adults stated that they deal with anxiety because of the condition of their mouth and teeth. In that same year, almost 30% of all people between 18 and 34 said the appearance of their mouth or teeth affected their ability to interview for a job. So everyone values how their teeth look in some form or idea.

Just about 30% of all American people say their first notice someone’s teeth while looking at their face. Furthermore, nearly 25% of all people state that this is the facial aspect that they often remember when meeting someone. As a result, there is a great reason to visit an emergency dentist if you believe there is an emergency. That way, a dentist can fix the problem before it is out of control.

Dentist Visits Are Really Important, Obviously

Between 2015 and 2016, a study to determine how many children between ages two and 19 deal with dental caries, also known as dental cavities. Just about 43% of all these young people dealt with cavities and nearly 13% have untreated cavities. An untreated cavity can spiral out of control quickly and is a big problem. This is one of the main reasons why people must contact an emergency dentist for help.

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 17% of seniors age 65 and over have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a huge problem and can deal serious damage to people’s mouths. As a matter of fact, periodontal disease is really hazardous for anyone older in age as well. Due to this, many older citizens have to get dentures and fake teeth to keep up the appearance of having a healthy mouth.

Most Americans dread the idea of having teeth fall out because they do not properly care for their teeth. As a result, it is really important to check up with a regular dentist rather than waiting until danger strikes to visit an emergency dentist. While the emergency dentist can help, it is hard to solve a problem when it is at it’s worst rather than when it first starts to develop and form. Therefore, people need to have a dentist that is local that they trust for regular checkups. They can spot a problem before it is too bad!

In Conclusion

Each and every year, there are Americans that must overcome some sort of dental issue. This is not a new issue but luckily enough, technology is helping people improve their teeth quality every single year. Therefore, anyone and everyone should develop a nice relationship with their local dentist to get consistent checkups scheduled and more.

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