Benefits of Dental Implants over Other Teeth Replacement Options

Replacement of missing or damaged teeth is a common human practice. To replace damaged or missing teeth, there are several options you can consider. Among the options available, using dental implants is the most effective. This innovative option outweighs other replacement options such as bridges and dentures. Here are other reasons why you should consider dental implants over other teeth replacement options.

1. Prevents Bone Loss

Loss of teeth is accompanied by a considerable loss of bone mass in the jaw. This is a problem that many people, especially those who have lost two or more teeth, are familiar with. The connection between the teeth and the jaw brings about important stimulation to the entire jaw. The problem is that most of the teeth replacement strategies don’t bring this stimulation. A dental implant is the only teeth replacement option that replaces jaw stimulation, which prevents bone loss.

2. Improved Appearance

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, more than 74% of people have a perception that an unattractive smile can hurt them professionally. In most cases, an unattractive smile is caused by poor teeth arrangement and missing teeth. Dental implants give you the feeling of natural teeth thereby enabling an individual to have a natural smile. Implants fuse with the jaw bone, which brings a positive and attractive smile.

3. High Success Rate

Dental implants have proven to be the most reliable dental replacement options out there in the dental industry. They offer a high survival rate, which is something that other replacement options cannot provide. With implant technology improving, the success rate of dental implants is also expected to increase. However, it is important to highlight that people with good health have the best chance for successful implants.

4. Matches Natural Teeth

Maintaining the natural aspect of the teeth is one of the most important steps to take after teeth replacement. Implants come with a wide variety of sizes and shapes, which make it possible for them to match natural teeth. Dental implants Greenville NC will work with you to design implants that match the surrounding teeth in terms of color and shape. The implant will fit the gap perfectly, which makes it difficult for other people to know whether you have an implant.

5. Restores Bite Force

When you visit emergency dental care, you are mostly worried about your natural bite because you don’t know whether the implant will be strong. However, this dental replacement option anchors your replacement into your jaw, which means that they are strong enough for a bite. Although the bite is restored, it will be a tall order to get your natural bite restored. Other replacement options don’t restore your bite because they are anchored on the gums.

6. Easy to Care For

Although tooth implants have helped people who have lost their teeth, they are very complex when it comes to caring. Most of them require special flossers, adhesives, cleaning tablets, and cups. However, implants don’t have any problem when it comes to teeth cleaning. They do not require any special care and treatment. You only have to brush and floss them just like you do for natural teeth.

7. Won’t Get Cavities

Artificial teeth are notorious when it comes to chronic periodontitis and tooth cavities. Most of them allow the buildup of bacteria in the mouth leading to infections. However, dental implants won’t get cavities and do not provide an environment for the growth of bacteria. They are made with a material that can’t decay. With dental implants, you do not have to worry about dental problems associated with artificial teeth.

Most of the teeth replacement options available today will need special care and regular replacement. However, dental implants will serve you for many years, which makes them a good investment in your health. If you visit dental care for teeth replacement, choose dental implants, and you will never regret.

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