What You Didnt Know About Periodontics

What is periodontics? Perhaps you are wondering what a periodontist is and the kind of procedures they do. So today, you will know more about periodontics.

Understanding Periodontist

When you make an appointment with a regular dentist, they must check if your gums are healthy.

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A periodontist specializes in treating gum tissue. They also support bone around the teeth and focus on prevention diagnosis and periodontal disease.

Periodontists need to attend three years of residency after they finish four years of dental school. They have to learn how to treat periodontal disease and use instruments such as periodontal probes.

They also attend to patients with issues with their teeth that only require dental cleaning. If a patient comes with measurements more significant than 4mm deep, deep cleaning would be needed.

This deep-cleaning is also considered root planing and scaling, and periodontists can’t only offer to scale without the root planing. They would also conduct a potential surgical procedure to treat patients.

How a Periodontist Diagnose and Treat a Periodontal Disease?

Aside from scaling or root planing that surgical will not be necessary, a periodontist can also treat periodontal disease through surgical approaches. The surgery is made to lessen the depths between the teeth and tissue of the gums.

In addition, since implants come with the same issues as regular teeth, periodontists help maintain the placement as well as repair any dental implants.


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