Choosing Between a Private and Corporate Dental Office

If you’re a dentist, you may wonder if it’s better to work at a private dental office or a corporate dental practice. In this video, the advantages of both working models are discussed. Each type of practice has its advantages, and which is for you depends on what you value in a job. The video may help you decide which type of practice you might prefer.

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The Perks of Private Practice

According to the video, working at a private practice allows dentists to develop a close relationship and a sense of continuity with their patients. Since there tend to be just one or two dentists working at a private practice, the office’s clients will be likely to go to those dentists for an extended period of time. The dentists in private practice can agree on a practice philosophy and design the office in whichever decorative style they choose.

The Concepts of Corporate Practice

In a corporate dental office, many dentists work at the same practice. Corporate offices offer chances for a full-time job with health insurance and vacation time. Although working for a corporation means you don’t get a choice of office decor, it’s likely that a corporate office will have the latest diagnostic equipment. You’ll also attract new clients based on the name of the corporation.

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