Why Dentures Are Here To Stay

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When you hear a story about someone losing their dentures, your first reaction might be to laugh. Mostly because the story probably revolves around your grandpa forgetting to put his teeth back in, smiling at your four-year-old cousin (who reacted by screaming his lungs out), and causing The Thanksgiving Uproar of 1997.

Let’s make this disclaimer before we go any further: these kinds of stories definitely can be funny, and it’s okay to laugh. But if you have dentures, you know that it can be frustrating and embarrassing too. Sometimes the only way to get around the embarrassment is to turn it into a joke. And many times, it feels like you’re the only one who struggles with this problem.

But it’s really not that uncommon to be missing a few teeth due to a particularly violent sports game, or an after-hours brawl that you don’t quite remember. It’s okay to admit that you didn’t take very good care of your teeth when you were younger, and now you’re experiencing tooth decay.

Now more so than ever before, people are choosing to have professional denturists create custom-fitted cosmetic dentures. There are so many different types of dentures today, made from different materials and allowing patients to have as many teeth replaced as necessary, and best of all, the cost of dentures today means that nearly anyone can afford a set of new teeth.

Cosmetic dentures aren’t exactly your grandpa’s old dentures that seem to fall out at the worst times, and they aren’t even close to being as uncomfortable as those wooden dentures that George Washington supposedly wore. They might just make your life better and healthier than ever — so it might just be time to find the closest denture clinic and see if you could use a new set of pearly whites. Continue reading here.

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