Fear the Dentist No More!

Dental procedure

What are people most afraid of? You’ve probably heard most of the big ones by now: death, flying, darkness, public speaking, and spiders. But what about dentists? If you have this phobia, you’re not alone. Odontophobia or Dentophobia is a pretty common fear among humans both young and old. Dental procedures can feel invasive, and oftentimes patients feel helpless and insecure lying on their back while someone investigates their pearly (or not so pearly) whites under a bright overhead light. And, if nothing else, no one wants to hear that they’ve done a poor job of taking care of themselves.

But whether we like them or not, dentists are important in many ways. Oral health is deeply connected to our overall health. Plus, Continue reading

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How to Have a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Comprehensive dental exams

If there’s anything you should know about Western aesthetic values, it’s that we absolutely love our teeth. In a recent AACD survey, an overhwelming 99.7% of adults reported that having a healthy smile was socially important. Additionally, almost three-quarters of adults feel that having an unattractive smile can hurt their career success, while 32% of people report that they are “concerned by the look of their teeth.”
Given this clear obsession with having the pearly whites out there, it may strike you as odd when you find out that the state of oral hygiene in the United States isn’t exactly bright and sparkling at the moment. Statistically speaking, 78% of people have Continue reading

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When To Look For Emergency Dental Care

Crooked teeth

How often do you think about your oral health? Are you the type of person that regularly schedules dentist appointments and enjoys them, or the type of person that only goes to the dentist when you have been in pain for several days? The truth is that oral health is extremely important, and the more you know the better off you are. Here’s some general dentist information to know:

1. Importance Of Your Smile – Studies show that virtually all adults (99.7%) believe that a healthy smile is socially important, and nearly 75% of adults feel that having an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s career success. Talk about important! In general dentist’s recommend scheduling a cleaning and checkup Continue reading

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When Should Kids Develop Healthy Dental Habits?

Latest in pediatric dental care

It is essential to our oral health that children are taught and encouraged to develop healthy dental habits as they grow and develop. If healthy habits are developed when they are young, they are more likely to maintain those healthy habits when they are adults. Each person only gets one set of adult teeth, and those teeth need to last from early childhood through senior years.

Sadly, not all children are set to develop healthy dental habits. According to the CDC, roughly one in five children in the United States have untreated cavities. The current statistics on this issue are over 19% of children ages 2 to 5 have untreated cavities and almost 23% of children ages 6 to 19 so. Untreated cavities are dangerous because they can quickly lead to tooth decay, which can result in the loss of th Continue reading

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What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do For You

Beverly hills cosmetic dentistry

Despite literally 99% of people in the U.S. believing that a nice smile is socially key, we as a nation are not very good at general dental care. We’re supposed to brush our teeth twice a day for instance, and yet only 56% of women and 49% of men manage the chore. A pitiful 22% floss daily, and three quarters of the population will experience their first cavity before reaching adulthood.
That’s a lot of punishment for your poor teeth! Many of you schedule a cleaning with your dental group once a year (okay, once every three years), and call it a day. Maybe before a particularly important event you’ll splurge on the dentist-recommended tooth whitener, but otherwise, you’ve grown Continue reading

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