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Do you know what percentage of Americans consider nice teeth to be a valuable social asset? If you said 50, 75, or even 90% you would be way off, because a recent survey found that 99% of respondents think that having a healthy smile can have a positive impact on a person’s social life. As for the one percent who don’t think it’s important, it’s probably just sour grapes, or they have awful teeth and haven’t a clue about today’s cosmetic dental procedures.

Given the fact that so many people think that having a nice set of teeth is important, smiling with a missing tooth can be embarrassing. Even if you lost a tooth or two because of an accident or youthful horseplay, a lot of people equate missing teeth with poor dental care. And anyone who does not practice thorough dental hygiene isn’t someone that anyone really wants to be around.

Even though the above generalization aren’t true, this is what it can seem like for people who are missing teeth. After losing a tooth, particularly close to the front of the mouth, a lot of people tend to become overly self-conscious; and when your are self-conscious you don’t look or feel confident. Of course, none of this is good for your social life or your career, because confidence is equally important to how good a person looks.

The good news is that the level of care dental practices offer today is better than ever. Whether you’re talking about dental mini implants, full dental implants, teeth whitening, there are dental cosmetic solutions for every type of dental health issue. Perhaps the best part is the fact that the type of care dental professionals provide are affordable. Read more here.

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