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If you are at all familiar with any of the amazing, cutting-edge procedures with which today’s best cosmetic dentists are highly skilled, you probably find it difficult to believe that half the adult population in North American was toothless a century ago. Despite the many incredible advancements in dental technology that have occurred over the last 60 or 70 years, there are still millions of Americans with less-than-stellar dental health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, half of American adult are still missing at least one tooth, and periodontal disease is the most common disease among both adults and children. Even though they may not be aware that there may be a problem, millions of Americans who suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath, usually have some kind of sordid dental hygiene issue going on. In fact, dental hygiene studies have found that about 85% of folks with halitosis have it as a result of dental problems.

Even though these people should have taken better care of their teeth, they are lucky to be living during a time when dental cosmetics are more advanced and accessible than ever. No matter how many teeth a person loses, there are plenty of options they can learn about on the best dental websites. Dental mini implants and full dental implants are two of the most innovative cosmetic dentistry procedures today.

Both of these procedures involve the permanent insertion of a titanium post into the patients jaw bone via the empty tooth pocket, or multiple tooth pockets, in the gum. Once the posts have been inserted, they create a strong, natural bond within 12 weeks. After this occurs, dentists will places ceramic crowns a top the post to complete the procedure. When all is said and done, patients will find themselves with new natural looking teeth replacement that are strong enough to last a lifetime.

While most of us hope that we will be able to keep our natural teeth for the entirety of our lives, there will always be those people who will end up losing teeth for one reason or another. If that does happen, people can at least take comfort in the fact that dental websites offer information about the ideal solutions for them. Learn more at this link.

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