Do You Have Teeth That Are Lost? Dental Implants May Work

Dental implants dentures

Dental issues can be serious no matter what age one is in life. In some parts of the world, as much as 90% of kids in school deal with cavities. Among those between the ages of 35 and 44, between 15% and 20% of them struggle with critical periodontal disease. And more than a quarter of American senior citizens no longer have any of their original teeth.

In the case of lost teeth, you may want to seek out affordable dentists in your area who specialize in cosmetic dental work like dental implants. After all, about three million Americans have gotten this procedure.

But what do dental implants consist of exactly? Each one involves a root made of titanium that is installed in the jaw and then covered by an abutment or covering. This covering also holds the ceramic crown or replacement tooth in place. Compared to cosmetic dentures, implants are often preferable because they are much closer to authentic teeth, fit more naturally in one’s mouth, and they require less care on a day-to-day basis. The procedure of dental implants works 98% of the time, according to scientific findings.

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