How to Permanently Replace Missing Teeth

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Did you know that 75% of Americans believe that having bad teeth could negatively affect a person’s chances of landing a successful career? Fortunately, if you are suffering from tooth loss, dental implants are available to help. Approximately 10% of the 195,941 dentists in the United States currently offer this cosmetic dental treatment, as it is an effective way to permanently replace missing teeth.

– What are dental implants? Dental implants consist of three parts. The first part, a titanium rod, is inserted directly into the jawbone as a root replacement. After the jawbone heals for 6-12 weeks, the implant is covered with the second part, which is an abutment that lies on top of the gum line. The abutment is then topped with the third part, which is a prosthetic crown that looks like a natural tooth. Although this is a specialized form of tooth replacement, many local dentists offer dental implants.

– The benefits of getting dental implants. This type of cosmetic dental surgery is the only form of cosmetic dental work that provides the look and feel of natural teeth. In addition, dental implant surgery has a 98% success rate, and dental implants can last a lifetime when they are cared for properly. Due to these extraordinary benefits, the number of Americans receiving dental implants is increasing by about 500,000 each year. As a result, by visiting local dentists and receiving this treatment, you can permanently replace your missing teeth.

Since 99% of Americans believe that a good smile is an important social asset, a variety of cosmetic dental procedures have become available. Dental implants, for example, are permanent solutions to tooth loss, and they are offered by many local dentists. By receiving this cosmetic dental treatment, you will no longer have to suffer from missing teeth. Find out more at this site.

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