The Dangers of Poor Oral Hygiene!

  • Discolored Teeth. You may not realize it, but if you do not brush properly, you could be putting your teeth at risk for severe discoloration. Foods, such as berries, and drinks, such as wine, soda, coffee, and tea can start to change the color of your enamel. Even though enamel is the hardest substance on the human body, it cannot withstand an extended barrage of bacteria and chemicals without proper oral hygiene. Smoking can also darken teeth significantly.
  • Periodontal Disease. As plaque and bacteria build up on the gums and teeth, they will start to harden, and wear away at your gums. The first symptoms are usually sensitive, inflamed gums that bleed when you brush. This is often called gingivitis in its initial stages, but will lead to periodontal disease if you don’t get treatment. At this point, the gums begin to recede, exposing your teeth and creating a gap between the gum and your teeth. Once these gaps are filled with debris, they will eventually begin to corrode the jawbone and tissues surrounding your teeth, ultimately leading to tooth loss.
  • Tooth Loss. This is one of the main reasons people seek implant dentists. As teeth begin to fall out as a result of periodontal disease, patients turn to cosmetic dentists to help restore a health smile to their face. They can opt for veneers to cover gaps, dentures, or dental implants. While implants have been the preferred restoration method in recent years, dentures and veneers are still popular.

So, talk to a cosmetic dentist today if you are unhappy with your smile. After treatment, you will probably feel better about yourself, and want to flash your bright white smile all day long. Read more articles like this.

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