Three Super Easy Ways to Get in the Habit of Flossing

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You probably know that flossing is important, but do you know how important it is?

Flossing your teeth removes nasty plaque and excess food particles, which, if left alone, will lead to tartar, gum disease, or worse. What’s more, regularly flossing not only protects you from developing awful oral diseases, but can also make your teeth look brighter, too.

Even though many people are already well aware of how important flossing is, they still don’t do it. Why? Because it’s tricky to remember. People get so ingrained in their daily routines and habits that it can often times be tough to purposefully and intentionally pick up a new one.

The keyword there being tough.

Getting in the habit of flossing may be harder for some, but it’s far from impossible. Here are a few tips to help.

Do It Before You Brush.

If you’re already in the habit of brushing your teeth after breakfast and before you go to bed, then try to floss at that time, too. Remembering to floss before you brush is one of the easiest, and simplest ways to get into the habit. Plus, it’ll make your brushing all the more effective, since the fluoride in your toothpaste will be able to get in between your teeth.

Make a Reminder.

In order to help yourself remember to do it before you brush, write yourself a note and stick it to your bathroom mirror. You may be a visual learner, and having that cue will help you get into the habit easier.

Treat Your Self.

Several studies have shown that people are more efficient when there’s something in it for them. Choose an enticing reward for yourself, and if you can floss for a month straight (for example) then you’ll treat yourself to it.

Dental picks and dental flossers are perhaps the most important oral health products around, and they need to be used regularly. With these tips, you can get in the habit of flossing, and get on your way to having a healthier mouth.

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