How to Become a Qualified Dental Assistant in Arizona

Statistics show that in 2017, approximately 127.6 million adults in the U.S. visited a dentist. With so many people requiring a variety of dental services for treatment and cosmetic reasons, the demand for dentists can never go down. And where a dentist is needed, a dental assistant should be nearby.

A career as a dental assistant is marketable while practical dental assistant training is flexible. Dental assistant training courses will prepare you to carry out duties such as:

1. Preparation for Procedures

It will be your duty to prepare both the dentist and the patient for any procedure. It will involve sterilizing dental instruments and setting the sterilized instruments and other needed materials in the work area.

You will need to ensure that the patient is comfortable in the dental chair and talk to them about the procedure.

2. Assistance with Treatment and Procedures

You will be required to record the vital signs of the patient. As the dentist works, it will be your duty to hand over instruments and keep the patient’s mouth dry.

Some states allow dental assistants to carry out coronal polishing on patients, and apply sealants and fluoride. They are also allowed to carry out topical anesthetics application to temporarily numb an area of the patient’s mouth in preparation for the procedure.

3. Laboratory Duties

You may be required to take, develop, and mount radiographs and x-rays when directed by the dentist. Other tasks may involve removing sutures, which the training will ensure you can do.

It will be your responsibility to keep the lab organized and maintain the lab equipment.

4. Administrative duties

You will need to keep records of patients and dental treatments. It will be your duty to schedule appointments for the patients, create bills, and receive payments.

The practical dental assistant training will prepare you to talk to patients about oral hygiene and follow up on treatment and procedures done.

Choosing the Best Dental School

You will need the best practical dental assistant training to learn how to carry out these duties. It means going to the best dental college Mesa AZ where you can get quality dental assistant training courses

Here are a few things you should consider when choosing the school.

· State requirements

Every state will have their rules regarding the qualifications required to become a level I or level II dental assistant. It is good to be conversant with these laws before getting a school.

For instance, a regular dental assistant in Arizona performing basic supportive dental procedures do not require any special education or training. But to be a dental assistant qualified in coronal polishing, you will need an Arizona Coronal Polishing Certificate. To perform specified restorative functions, you will need an Arizona Expanded Function – Restorative Certificate.

· Length of the Training

The length of the training will depend on how much time you have in your hands and the level of qualification you want. There are dental assisting programs that will last 13 to 15 weeks, while others will last more than ten months.

DA I programs are short and will have less pay while DA II will be longer and more marketable. But the good news is that once you graduate with a DA I program and work for roughly two years, you automatically qualify to be a DA II.

· Live Clinic Training

There is more to practical dental assistant training than getting the certification. You will need to learn about building the right professional dental assistant-dentist and dental assistant-patient relationship. It is necessary to learn how to work with compassion and respond to emergencies.

It can only be possible through hands-on dental training. A practical dental assistant training program should provide real-world experience before graduation. It prepares you adequately for the workforce and makes retaining employment at a dental practice easier.

If the traditional college setting is not fit for you due to various commitments, consider a career as a dental assistant.

The flexibility of practical dental assistant training ensures your life continues running as usual. Ensure the dental school Phoenix AZ you attend offers the right kind of training required in the state and provides hands-on experience.

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