Don’t Let the Cost of Braces Keep You From Beautiful Teeth

For thousands of years, mankind has been trying different things to perfect the human smile. You might be astounded to find out orthodontic devices can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt. Braces are actually almost 300 years old. And in the last three centuries, orthodontists have found out ho to practically perfect the art of straightening teeth and creating beautiful smiles. Don’t let the cost of braces keep you from having a beautiful smile of your own.

What’s the Real Cost of Braces?

Right now, there are around four million Americans wearing braces, according to data from the American Association of Orthodontists. Of those four million braces-wearers, 75 percent are younger than 18. However, people of any age can get braces and get the smile they’ve always wanted. Many adults get braces later in life to perfect their smile. For may adults, clear braces are the best possible option because this allows for your smile to be perfected without all the metal that’s associated with more traditional braces.

You might be surprised that orthodontists offer lots of different options, particularly when it comes to the cost of braces. Many people don’t really know what braces cost but assume that the price is too expensive. Actually, most orthodontists offer financing options that are very affordable and reasonable.

The cost of braces is actually pretty affordable. Braces make you look better and feel better. Really, you can’t afford not to get braces. With financing options, affordable braces are possible. And in the end, you’ll realize that getting better-feeling, better-looking teeth is actually worth almost any price — no matter how high.

What Good Orthodontic Care Can Do

Braces aren’t just for making your smile look nice. Misaligned teeth can cause problems with chewing and create issues like overbites. When teeth aren’t aligned properly, they can continue to get even more out of alignment over time. This can cause a lot of mouth discomfort. Teeth have a way of doing their own thing and going their own way. In fact, experts say that the best tie to being orthodontic treatment is at the age of 7. But no matter when you start your treatment, it’s a good idea to get teeth that fit together properly so you have a mouth that works exactly the way it should.

Having teeth out of position can even slightly alter your appearance. After you have braces and have your teeth properly aligned, you may find that your jaw and/or chin are positioned slightly differently and at that last, they look the way they always should have looked.

Abnormal bites usually become noticeable between the ages of 6 and 12. For many, orthodontic treatment begins between ages 8 and 14. Invisalign clear braces are an option for people of all ages, including teens. Many teens prefer clear braces. In one survey, 47 percent of teens who wore Invisalign said they felt a boost in their self-esteem while wearing braces. Compare that to just 22 percent of teens who felt the same way while wearing traditional metal braces.

Be sure to ask your orthodontist about clear braces to find out if this is an option. For some teeth, clear braces are not a possibility. Metal braces can still do more than clear braces, but there is a huge range of problems that Invisalign braces can fix. Talk to an orthodontist, and make sure you’re talking to someone who was trained in this very specific branch of dentistry. All orthodontists are trained dentists. However, only about 5 percent of dentists are orthodontists.

Get good orthodontic care to find out what you need to get gorgeous teeth, talk about the cost of braces, and develop your plan to get a great smile. Because if mankind has been perfecting their teeth for 3,000 years, why shouldn’t you, too?

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