4 More Myths About Dentures You Shouldn’t Believe

You can lose a tooth (or teeth) because of decay or getting involved in an accident. If you become a victim, you can use dentures to replace the original teeth. A denture improves your smile design and self-confidence. Getting dentures also raises self-esteem.

Dentures are designed for your mouth, so you will not have problems talking or eating. They also prevent facial sagging. If the jawbone changes, a dentist can custom-make another pair of dentures. However, the process may not be cheap. Ask your dentist for acrylic teeth cost and make plans for payment. Dentures are easy to clean. After removing them, use a soft-bristle toothbrush and denture cleaner to remove plaque and bacteria. Also, make sure you get an affordable dentures warranty. This will help you if something goes wrong with the dentures, and you can get a replacement or repair.

Having dentures can help reduce oral health issues. If you have a missing tooth, it increases the risk of gum infection. So, replacing that tooth with a denture will help prevent gum diseases. So, if you have a missing tooth, reach out to your dentist and ask for an affordable dentures price guide. If you get issues with your dentures, look for affordable dentures extraction prices.

Many people have preconceptions about needing a replacement tooth, such as a dental implant or a denture. When you picture dentures, you probably have a specific image and school of thought about them. Well, there are some things about dentures that you may believe that probably aren’t true. Here are four common myths about dentures and the actual facts.

You won’t have to see the dentist anymore

So you have perfect, fake teeth now. That means no more dentist, right? Wrong. There is more to your mouth than just your teeth. During your dental exam, your dentist will be checking your gums, tongue, jaw joints, and the side of your mouth for signs of disease like diabetes or oral cancer.

You’re too young for dentures

Tooth loss can happen to anyone, not just the elderly. There are multiple reasons that you can lose your teeth, such as sports injuries, bulimia, diabetes, and other diseases. This is not a huge issue as no one will be able to tell you have dentures at a young age because of how natural they look.

You have to use dental adhesives

Although you can use adhesives, they are not necessary for day to day use. They are designed to fit perfectly in your mouth, so you should not have to worry about them falling out. If you have a special occasion where you absolutely do not want to risk them falling out, you can use adhesives for your own personal security and confidence.

Speaking will be difficult

There may be a short period of adjustment time, but speaking should not be difficult with dentures that fit properly. Pronunciation and excess saliva are common problems in the first few days, but they will subside as you practice speaking with them and get used to your dentures.

Roughly three million people have a replacement tooth or dental implants, and that number is growing by 500,000 every year. It is perfectly normal to need dentures, so you should embrace the change. Visit your dentist today and discuss the option of affordable dentures for you.

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