Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

When searching for local implant dentists in your neighborhood, start by exploring reputable sources to ensure you find professionals you can trust. Understand the anatomy of a dental implant that can work specifically for your needs. Implant dentists customize solutions based on your unique oral structure and requirements.

If you’ve been wondering are dental implants cosmetic, the answer is yes. Beyond restoring functionality, dental implants contribute to a beautiful smile. Your local dental pros specialize in crafting results that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. Tooth implants can help protect the look and feel of your teeth and are vital to protecting your overall oral health.

To gain a deeper understanding, consider looking at a dental implant diagram the next time you visit the dental office. This visual representation breaks down the components and processes involved, providing you with insights into the meticulous nature of implant dentistry.

Achieving beautiful dental implants is within reach with the assistance of your local dental professionals. From finding the right implant dentists to exploring the anatomy through diagrams, empower yourself with knowledge for informed decisions about your oral health and the enhancement of your smile. Call your local dental care team today to get your guide to dental implants today!

Artificial tooth roots

What are Dental Implants Dentures?

Dental implants dentures are kinds of essential prosthesis for your mouth. They replace missing teeth. Having them put in involves putting a small post, often made of titanium, into the jawbone and capping it with a partial or full denture. It may be that functional bridges are better for your needs than dental implants, but a dentist can tell you more after some comprehensive dental exams. In general, though, dental implants and dentures will look and function just like regular teeth when it comes to smiling, chewing, and making a good impression.

Who Needs Dental Implants Dentures?

Nearly anyone who is missing teeth and wants to improve their smile. Almost 75% of us think that an unattractive smile hurts our career success, while a a whopping 96% think an attractive smile is more appealing to the opposite sex. A healthy smile is important for all of life! Dental implants are the best way to improve a smile when you’re missing some teeth.

What are the Advantages of Dental Implants Dentures?

An improved smile, of course, but whether you’re missing one or several teeth, dentures can help you eat and live more actively and comfortably. With dentures, you’ll be able to eat comfortably, and never worry about tooth decay, either.

What are the Disadvantages of Dental Implants Dentures?

There are minor, but all surgical procedures of any kind bring a risk of infection and inflammation. These are usually pretty easily managed with dental surgery, as is post-operative pain. The oral surgery might also be more complicated if you don’t have enough bone left to implant the dentures in; but bone and gum grafting can still fix the issue.

Are Dental Implants Dentures Costly?

In general, it is only slightly more expensive to replace a single tooth than to put in a bridge, and the implant will look better and last longer, too. Some implants will be covered by insurance, but the best thing to do if you need to restore your smile is talk to a dentist about all this directly. A dentist can help you understand your insurance situation and also the pros and cons of investing in implants.

Do Dental Implants Dentures Last?

Your real teeth, as you likely already know well, can be susceptible to decay. This isn’t true of dentures, and with the right care they’ll last your whole life. The only thing to bear in mind is your gums. Gum health is vital for keeping your implants, so conscientious cleaning at home and regular dental cleanings and check-ups are key to keeping your implants.

More than 30 million people in the United States are missing all their teeth in either one jaw or both, and that’s not counting those who are just missing a few. If that’s you, consider upgrading your look and your smile by dental implants that will make you feel more confident and improve your life.

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