Here are 3 Benefits of Using Invisalign Braces

If you have ever wished that your teeth were straighter, you may need an orthodontic treatment to straighten them. Orthodontists today have a lot of options for straightening teeth. Using a tray system like Invisalign can help you to get straighter teeth without having to wear braces. Many people have questions about using Invisalign and what it’s like. You may have wondered- are Invisalign safe? Yes, these clear plastic trays are very safe and are used for many years. Are Invisalign the same as braces? They both straighten the teeth by putting steady pressure on them, but they don’t do it the same way. With Invisalign, trays are used instead of hardware.

Are invisible braces more expensive? They actually tend to cost a bit less than traditional braces. They also often have to be worn for a shorter amount of time. Are metal braces better than Invisalign? Metal braces must be used in some cases, especially when there is a lot of complicated tooth movement needed. However, Invisalign is easier to clean and is a more convenient way to straighten the teeth. Since they can be taken out of the mouth, it’s easier to care for your teeth as well.

In the course of taking care of one’s teeth, many children and teenagers end up going through the process of wearing some form of braces from an orthodontist. In fact, most people who wear braces are between the ages of 8 and 14. However, while traditional metal braces are still around, and probably always will be, more and more people are choosing to use Invisalign braces to straighten their teeth. An orthodontist in San Mateo, or wherever you live, can choose to work with Invisalign braces to correct a patient’s teeth because of the benefits associated with them. This article will be taking a look at the benefits of using Invisalign braces.

  • Less Visible Than Metal Braces: One benefit of using Invisalign braces is that they are less visible than traditional metal braces. While metal braces consist of metal wires and brackets that are bonded to the teeth for the duration of treatment, Invisalign is made with a clear plastic and slides smoothly and comfortably over the teeth. They might be visible if you look really close, but from a distance you can’t really tell when Invisalign is in place, not when compared to metal braces. This is a great benefit, as it can spare younger patients the embarrassment associated with wearing metal braces.
  • It’s Easier to Clean Your Teeth: Another benefit of using Invisalign braces is that it is easier to clean your teeth while your bite is being corrected. It is notoriously difficult to clean, brush, and floss your teeth when metal braces are in place. This is because the tooth brush and floss has to be navigated around the metal components without damaging them. However, with Invisalign braces, all you have to do is slide the plastic off and the teeth can be normally cleaned before the aligners are put back on.
  • No Messing Around with Rubber Bands or Metal Pieces: And finally, a third benefit of using Invisalign braces is that there is no need to mess around with rubber bands or any pieces of metal. One of the biggest headaches associated with metal braces are the little rubber bands that have to be manually hooked inside the mouth during the treatment process. There’s no need to go through any of that with Invisalign, since the treatment only consists of using clear plastic aligners.

In conclusion, a San Mateo orthodontist, or any local orthodontist, might choose to treat their patients with Invisalign braces because of the many benefits associated with them. These benefits include being less visible than metal braces, making it easier to clean your teeth, and absolutely no need to use little rubber bands during the treatment process. These are just a few of the benefits that come from using Invisalign braces.

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