How An Orthodontist Can Help You Restore Your Smile

It’s estimated that just 35% of adults have well-aligned teeth. It’s little wonder then that the dental implant and prosthetic market makes billions of dollars every year. From cavities, to removing wisdom teeth to braces to replacing missing teeth, the dental care industry will be kept very busy in the future as Americans look to restore their smiles.

One of the most popular ways to fixing dental problems, especially in children, is using braces. The American Association of Orthodontists estimates that some four million Americans are wearing braces today.

When it comes to oral health, there are plenty of benefits to wearing braces:

  • They help prevent tooth decay
  • They help promote gum health
  • They help promote whiter teeth
  • They help improve speech, especially among people with speech impediments
  • They help improve digestion

As noted above, there are many benefits of wearing braces, but there are some cons of wearing them as well. They can be uncomfortable, they can be unsightly and they can be an inconvenience for the length of time a person must wear them. They can help to prevent tooth decay, but there’s also a risk of tooth decay the longer a person is wearing them since they can interfere with usual dental hygiene habits.

For kids and teens in need of braces, clear braces such as Invisalign braces are a good option. Clear braces are comfortable, clear braces are more discreet and clear braces work just like traditional braces, so kids can feel less self-conscious about wearing them. Just like traditional braces, clear braces work as intended, helping to straighten crooked teeth and fix issues associated with biting.

Fast Braces offer another braces alternative. Fast Braces technology speeds up teeth alignment with a specialized design. Wearing traditional braces can require at least two years of use as well as the use of a retainer after that. With Fast Braces, teeth can be straightened in about six months or a year.

If you’re an adult who needs braces or you have a child that needs braces, the first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with an orthodontist. An orthodontist works in a specialized field of dentistry which focuses on reshaping teeth and ultimately restoring smiles.

There are plenty of benefits to visiting an orthodontist including:

  • Gaining confidence: Are you someone who doesn’t show their teeth when they’re having their picture taken? Do you feel embarrassed about your smile? Is your child being made fun of at school for having crooked teeth? Whatever the reason for your teeth issues, having missing or crooked teeth can do a lot to undermine a person’s self-confidence. An orthodontist can help restore your smile and give you a big boost of confidence while also improving your oral health.
  • Better health: If you’ve been to the dentist you’ve likely heard time and time again about the importance of brushing and flossing as a way to keep your teeth clean. These are two fine methods for doing so, but they can be harder to do when you’ve got missing or misaligned teeth. In fact, the possibility of mouth infections and cavities increase when food particles get stuck in the mouth, which happens when a person doesn’t brush or floss thoroughly. An orthodontist can help straighten your teeth, which makes brushing and flossing less of a chore.
  • Proper alignment: As mentioned above, many folks suffer from misaligned teeth. It’s true that tooth or teeth misalignment varies from person to person, but the constant with everyone in that situation is the risk of doing dental damage. Whether you’re talking about chipped teeth or broken teeth, both of them can lead to bigger problems. An orthodontist can straighten your teeth and reduce your risk of dental damage.

Fast Braces and clear braces are more comforting, speed up the process of straightening teeth and give patients easier access to their teeth, which helps them keep them clean and prevent major teeth issues while also boosting their self-confidence.

For folks in California, specifically in Half Moon Bay and San Mateo, looking for a San Mateo orthodontist or a Half Moon Bay orthodontist can put you on the path to a better smile.

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