Here are Four Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Your Teeth

As adults, one of the biggest responsibilities we have is taking care of our teeth. After all, we only get the one set as adults, so it’s important to make sure they’re properly taken care of and kept healthy. Apart from visiting the regular dentist every six months to keep your teeth clean, you can also go to the cosmetic dentist to keep your smile in good order. Cosmetic dentists focus more on the aesthetics of your teeth, and they can help in a number of ways. This article will be taking a look at several ways that cosmetic dentists can help your teeth.

  • Veneers: One way that cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth is by applying veneers to your teeth. Veneers are a thin layer of material, frequently porcelain, that are bonded directly to the front of your teeth. The purpose of veneers is to cover up damaged teeth, chipped teeth, or teeth with excessively large gaps that can’t be fixed otherwise, in order to create the illusion of perfectly whole and healthy teeth.
  • Dental Implants: Another way that cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth is by putting in dental implants as needed. Dental implants are single, artificial teeth that are literally screwed into the gums to replace teeth that have fallen out or have otherwise needed to be removed. The purpose of dental implants is to fill in noticeable gaps in the smile and keep the smile looking whole.
  • Invisalign: A third way that cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth is by using Invisalign to straighten crooked teeth. Invisalign work the same as braces in that they slowly correct the alignment of your teeth. The difference is, the process is much simpler and far less painful than traditional metal braces. Not only that, Invisalign, being made of plastic, is not as noticeable either.
  • Teeth Whitening: Finally, a fourth way that cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth is by using teeth whitening. Just like it sounds, teeth whitening is a procedure that uses a special gel to whiten your teeth over a series of appointments. Many choose to undergo this procedure because whiter teeth look healthier, and many consider a healthy smile to be very important for their social lives.

In conclusion, there are a number of ways that cosmetic dentistry can help your smile. These ways include applying veneers, dental implants, Invisalign if the teeth are crooked, and teeth whitening if the patient wishes to brighten their smile. These are all ways that cosmetic dentistry can help your teeth.

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