5 Pro Tips to Choosing the Right Dental School

Before you settle for a medical school to attend, it’s essential to consider one that aligns with your needs. Different publications are ranking dental schools, but they’re often inaccurate as they’ve all got mission and pragmatic-based differences.

It’s estimated that about 127 million adults visit a dentist every year. This goes to show that this practice is in high demand.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a dental school. Here are the most important things you shouldn’t overlook.

1. Clinical Considerations

Apart from lectures and classwork, you should find a dental school that offers hands-on dental training. Some schools have got their clinics where students get to learn and practice their skills. In some institutions, students get assigned dental practices and clinics affiliated with the institution.

When figuring out the type of dental college to join its best to talk to dental students and dentists to determine whether one type of clinical experience is better than the other.

Try and inquire about the kind of patients you’ll be serving. Will you get the chance to see different patients with different dental problems? Take note that the more varied your clinical experience, the more you get to learn.

Take note of the laboratory work that should be completed in the dental clinic assignment. Schools have different requirements on what they expect their students to do in terms of lab work.

2. Teaching Style

There are two main teaching styles in dentistry, and the type that you settle for largely depends on your personal preference. The most common method is problem-based learning (PBL), while the other is the traditional method of teaching (lecture style). What differentiates problem-based learning from the traditional method is the fact that it aims at developing problem-solving and independent thinking.

Some dental school Phoenix AZ may have different approaches, and it’s always good to attend university open days so that you’ve got a better understanding of the teaching techniques and what to expect from each course.

3. Student Life

Dental school Mesa AZ involves more than just going to live inpatient clinics and classrooms. You’ll be spending four years at the institution, and it’s advisable to settle for a place that you feel comfortable. Check whether the institution offers housing opportunities. Most schools will of student housing, but this will vary greatly depending on the institution and price.

Don’t overlook the importance of extra-curricular activities outside of class. Organizations and clubs for students are a perfect opportunity to provide community service, socialize, study and network.

4. Entry requirements

You should submit your application to an institution that you can easily get into. This means that you should stick to colleges and universities whose entry requirements is the same or lower than yours.

Some universities re-evaluate applications more often than others, and it’s always good to do in-depth research before applying to make sure that any of your choices will consider you.

5. School Location

Students have their own personal choices when it comes to the location of a dental school. Some love staying close to their family home while others choose to move far away. This is, however, a personal decision that you’ve got to figure out.

The best way to be comfortable with a university location is by attending open days for the institutions you’ve already applied to. This way, you’ll get to know the university and the town you’ll call home for a few years. Imagine living in the area and see whether you’ll be happy being there.

The Right Choice Starts With A Great Medical School!

The decision to study dentistry isn’t something that everyone follows through. Dental school will help mold you in rewarding and unexpected ways. As you prepare to apply and join a medical school, the few tips highlighted in this guide will help you settle for a school that best suits your personality.

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