Tips to Avoid Cavities

It is important to visit the dentist regularly. However, most of us would like to avoid unnecessary visits if at all possible. One of the main reasons for unscheduled appointments is cavities.

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Cavities occur when bacteria on your teeth start producing acid. This acid eats away at your teeth and causes tooth decay. In this video, you will learn how to avoid tooth decay.

Tooth decay can be lessened by a slight dietary adjustment. For example, eat less sugar and carbs in your diet. Sugar and fermentable carbs are the main source of food for the bacteria that produces acid on your teeth. By simply reducing sugar and carb intake, you can lessen the chance of you getting a cavity. Instead of eating cookies for a snack, consider a piece of celery or a carrot instead.

It is also import to schedule regular visits to the dentist. This allows the dentist to identify any cavities before they get too large. The dentist can give your brushing advice to help prevent such cavities. X-rays are another crucial tool. Many people hesitate to get x-rays because of radiation. However, they only put out as much radiation as is equivalent to eating four bananas.


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