Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Artificial tooth roots

What are Dental Implants Dentures?

Dental implants dentures are kinds of essential prosthesis for your mouth. They replace missing teeth. Having them put in involves putting a small post, often made of titanium, into the jawbone and capping it with a partial or full denture. It may be that functional bridges are better for your needs than dental implants, but a dentist can tell you more after some comprehensive dental exams. In general, though, dental implants and dentures will look and function just like regular teeth when it comes to smiling, chewing, and making a good Continue reading

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Finding a Dentist Who Makes You Feel Comfortable Can Help You Keep Appointments

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When it comes to patients who are anxious about going to the dentist, you just never know what it will take to put someone at ease. From over the earphones to a Portuguese speaking dentist, more and more dental offices are making sure that they have many things in place to help their customers have the best experience every time that they come in for an appointment.
From regular cleaning appointments to professional teeth whitening appointments, an increasing number of dental professionals understand the importance of making it easy for patients to return on a regular basis. Young and old alike, though, sometimes find themselves fearing these important appointments. For this reason, it is common Continue reading

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